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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pole to pole in biology?

Well in the 10th grade biology class they are watching movies from many areas around the world to get the life they go through. The first on was on Monday of this week about Pole to Pole. It showed how the penguins and polar bears live and how they can go months without food and sunlight. The interesting part about the penguins was that the males carry the egg until it cracks. So while they are doing that the females go out for the food its like a vacation for them. Did you know that male penguins don't eat for about 4 months but have enough energy to walk and keep going? Well i taught that it was a interesting thing to know about. Then next was the Polar bears. The polar bears will dig a hole in the ground to stay in all the way through the hard winter. My favorite part was when the newborns come out and learn how to walk for the first time. You will see the way and how they have to hunt for there food to feed the cubs and to live longer. The movies are about 50-60 minutes long and will teach you all the things you will ever need to know how they live!

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