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Thursday, April 21, 2011


When you go fishing it is very important to know how to tie many different knots. One knot that my family uses when we go fishing is a very easy knot to learn how to do. What you do first is set your fishing line up on your pole. The things that I use on my fishing line are a hook, of course, a steel leader, a weight, and a slip bobber. When you go and put a steel leader on to your line you can use this knot. The first thing you do is bring the line through the hole on the top of steel leader. After that you go and bring the line up. Once you do that you take the fishing line and wrap it around the line 6 or 7 times. Once you get it all wrapped up you then take the end of the line and bring it back through the hole that the line makes and pull the line as tight as you can get it. I like to use that knot only because it is so easy to do and set up. Sometimes when you go fishing after you have everything all done it does tend to loosen up and the fish then gets away from you. Here is a website that shows you different types of fishing knots that might be good to use.

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