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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jungle and a Desert in biology again?

Another day learning and seeing life for the animals in the Jungle and Desert. Well in the 10th grade biology class they had to watch another 50-60 movie. First they started of will the Jungle. The Jungle is wear the birds,monkeys and many more live. The most interesting part was seeing the birds try to find the perfect mate and impress them before they left. Well the one bird with a blue looking face tried to dance to impress this female bird. In was nice to know and see how they do it. It all depends what they have a show according to the female. And if they don't have that then they can't have that bird. That was a really neat thing to know i think. After that movie ended we started getting into the Desert. The first thing the classed learned was about the Camels and Elephants. We all got to see how it looked and see what they got to eat from letting it be so dry. Did you also know that every hour the temperature rising 5 degrees? The coldest it gets there is about 70 at night time when its the right time to play and cool off.

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