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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In Spanish class yesterday we didn't get the semester project like I thought we were going to. We actually ended up taking up the whole class time to take our tests on chapter 11. I didn't think that the test was that hard but my grade didn't really live up to what I was thinking. I mean my grade wasn't that bad, but I sure thought it would be better than that. Any ways the test was about the body and how people feel. The worst part of our tests is the listening parts. It doesn't seem like listening would be that hard, but it's like they talk so fast. I suppose they don't talk any faster than any of us do in our native language, but it sure seems fast when your not don't completely comprehend the language. It's like they are speaking Spanish or something? O that's right they are speaking Spanish, ha. The rest of the test was multiple choice and some writing some sentences. The test took me about the whole hour and then we got free time to work on something else we might have needed to get done for the day. I tried to work on science because got a project in that class that is due on Monday.

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