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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting down to the final presentations

Students continued to present their short stories today. Four groups went today and they all had different stories. Gage and I were one of these groups that presented today. The short story we read was about an imaginary flood that was taking place. Neighbors got together and tried to stay entertained with each others company and maybe even some company from the people across the road in separate buildings. Water was reaching the top, to the 10th floor so everyone in that apartment building was to the roof. Langford, one of the neighbors was determined to hold himself to a tv antenna and once the water reached his feet it would recede back down and he would survive and others would die. We presented our short story with prezi an online website that is quite easy to put together a short presentation. Justin Cassels and Heather Dearing's presentation was very catching. They used several things, such as a presentation on keynote, a handout for the class to read, and a short video made in animoto. Their story they read was "A Man with Enormous Wings."

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