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Monday, April 25, 2011

Geometry Haiku

Half of the geometry class here at Deuel High School is doing what is called a haiku. I have done these last year and have heard about them in Middle School. I done a haiku in my Algebra class last year, when I was a Freshman. This project last year was involved in two different classes, English and Algebra. The grades that the students get will go with both of the classes. Only half of the geometry class is doing a haiku because one class has freshman in it and the other class has all sophomores in it. For the class that has freshman in it that have to do the haiku and the other class doesn't. For the project you have to pick a topic from what you have learned in the class so far. After that you then have to put it into a poem, the link above will explain to you how to make one. The sophomores that are in the geometry class with the freshman have to do another haiku, even though they all ready did one last year.

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