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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions is a show on Animal Planet about people that have dangerous pets or animals they attempt to care for. People have exotic pets such as: pythons, chimpanzees, bengal tigers, buffalo, and lions.

This show has been brought up in our biology class. The episode where a lady decides to feed black bears outside her house. She lived in a forest area and would go out alone and feed the bears. Everyone knew it wasn't safe for her to be doing, and eventually made her put a fence up to protect her. The lady ended up not feeding the bears anymore when they probably became frustrated and began to look for her and her food. One day the bears succeeded in finding her in her home, dragging her outside in a ditch, and killing her. I watched this episode and it is really too bad. She was trying to do something good for the bears and help them out. The thing about wild animals is that they don't have feelings and are not domesticated, like cats and dogs, they are not pets. Wild animals can snap at anytime, they are so unpredictable and not worth messing with. Even if they are raised by a person as a baby, they still have that instinct in them, that can be aroused at any time. They are dangerous.

This lady, Karen Noyes, in this video also fed bears. She named a bear, Bernadette, and would go outside and feed them. "You get to know them, you get attached to them," Noyes said. The authorities convicted her with three counts of human endangerment and harassing and chasing wildlife. To resist going to jail, Noyes had to move out her house and couldn't come back for three years. This video is ridiculous, you have to watch it!

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