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Monday, April 25, 2011

Everything's Groovy: a Closer look

The backdrops look great for Deuel Musical. They are of apple trees, because the musical's main setting, in fact only setting is an apple farm. The DHS art club, and art class have been helping out with these things. It's really starting to come together. It's even better that now we have the backdrops. One thing we really need to work on now is our energy levels. Katie Peirce, who worked hard to come up with some of the actions for the musical now gets to see her moves put to the test. She does correct some of the error that are made. I guess it makes sure that the show will go on as close to perfect as we can get it. In the end the show will come together and that will be thanks to the hard that is put into to the people that are behind the scenes.

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