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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Edward or Jacob?

Over the course of the last few years I read the twilight series. It is that one book about the vampire, I think you know the one. I have read the whole series and actually it was a very good one. To be honest I was really adamant in not reading the books. The main reason I didn't want to read them in the first place was for the fact that everyone else was reading, I didn't want to be like everyone else. Another reason I didn't want to read the book, was just because I didn't think I would like them. After a little convincing and noticing that everyone was starting to get done with the books I started to read them. I borrowed the first book from one of my friends when I was in eighth grade. To my surprise, while I was reading, was that everyone was right, they were really good books. Lets talk about what the books are really about. In the beginning you find out about Bella who is moving from Phoenix, where she lives with her mom, to live with her dad in Forks, Washington. After moving there she starts to go to school and meets Edward. Bella ends up falling madly in love with Edward, who is in fact a vampire. Also in this book you learn about Jacob, who is Bella's best friend. Jacob is the enemy of Edward, because Jacob is a werewolf. Now, Edward also falls madly in love with Bella, but in the second book you find out that he doesn't want to hurt Bella, so he leaves. In the end this decision hurts Bella more than he will ever know. Bella at this point starts hanging out with Jacob and she does things that put her in harms way because she then sees Edward. She ends up jumping off a cliff and Edward gets word of this, so he is going to expose himself to people. Bella stops him, but is told that she has to be turned into a vampire at some point. In the next book Bella and Edward get married and many more things happen. The last book is the most adventurous, but I won't give it away.

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