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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dissecting and Book Work!

Last Thursday in Biology 151, we started working on dissecting our baby pigs. We will be using these pigs for the next 3-4 weeks. We started out by looking at their external features and then went into their mouth. That's all the farther we got so far with the pigs. I think we will be working on them this coming Thursday also. Mrs. Lundberg did enforce that the pigs we are dissecting would have been killed anyway, not just for this lab. My partner Abigail and I decided to name our pig after we figured out if it was male or female. We decided to name him Wilbur after the pig on Charlotte's Web.
Yesterday, Mrs. Lundberg was gone so we worked on a paper from the book. In the book, we are on chapter 14 which is the digestive system. I think this system is quite simple so far. All we did yesterday was a worksheet that went over how the food goes from your mouth to your intestines.

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