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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's all over, right?

So state gymnastics has ended and it was one amazing weekend let me tell you. There was lots of winning being done, and we Deuel Gymnasts finally took down Madison (16 time state champions). Well, now that that is over everyone likes to think that I am just done with gymnastics, but how would I be any good if i just stopped during the summer.

I was asked one day "So how does it feel to be done practicing?" I answered, "Um, I am not done practicing, in fact I am not even done competing yet." So there you go, that's what I am going to inform you about. I am still competing in gymnastics, and will be until the first weekend in April. I started practice at Dakota Gold full time again on Monday February 21st. I had been going twice a week during the high school season, but now I will pretty much live there!

Going from high school gymnastics to club gymnastics is kind of hard. This is because what you didn't need in high school to get big scores, you need in club to even start from a 10.0. Starting at a 10.0 means you have all of the necessary skills to add up to a 10.0, if you don't have all the skills you start below that such as starting at a 9.8. That would mean the best score you could get, if your routine was perfect, would be a 9.8 not a 10.0.

Back from the little scoring lesson, this weekend we are going to Rapid City for our first club meet this season. I am not the only one coming of a great high school season, back to club. There is also Meaghan Sievers, Jalyn Carrico (from Watertown), Lexy Morris (from Watertown), Lynne Hanten (from Watertwon), and Krisia Bramer (from watertown). We are all trying to see what we can do in the club world.

I will be going to three meets before hopefully qualifying for state which is the first weekend in April. It should be fun to see what happens and see if, in the end, I can qualify for regions, and then hopefully Nationals. Nationals this year are being held in California, so it would sure be fun to make it.

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