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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Impactful Outcomes

The 2010 Election proved to make some changes in our country, state, and community. I'm happy the way the elections turned out! I really wanted Dennis Dugaard and Kristi Noem to win the big elections. It was a close race between Herseth-Sandlin and Noem but I was relieved when I found out Noem came out with a 48% win. I think Kristi Noem will really work to cut spending and reduce the country's deficit. I like that she is for this because the money Washington is spending will have to be payed back by me and my generation. The House of Representatives and their agenda will really change now that Republicans are in charge. I really watched the race this year, mainly because my mom, Brenda, ran for Codington County Comminsioner of District 5, so I had more interest for it. I'm very proud of my mom for all the hard work and time she put in and in the end, winning her race! I don't know what I think of the smoking ban that passed. I'm against smoking but I think it will really affect businesses. I think it is for the better that medical marijuana didn't get passed because I feel like it would be abused, although it would have been very beneficial for the people who need it.

http://www.kristiforcongress.com/, http://brendahanten.com/home.html

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  1. Congrats to your mom! Public service is a noble calling; I'm glad your mom is answering it. :-)