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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple Means Spirit

I have been troubled by our society lately. The particular problem that weighs on my mind is suicide. Teens  who are gay or lesbian are being bullied at school or in communities and feeling they have no way to escape themselves, turn suicidal. Today, October 20th, it is being suggested to wear purple in honor of six gay teens that have committed suicide due to the bullying they experienced. The purple is representing spirit; which all these boys had much of and their spirits shall live on throughout their families and close friends.
Words you direct at people or directly to the person themselves are carried home with them. As your mother probably taught you as a youngster, "choose your words carefully."

Ellen Degeneres, who is openly gay, has also become very involved in the media about this kind of bullying. She has created PSA's and featured an episode of her television show The Ellen Degeneres Show, solely dedicated to this "epidemic," say Ellen. Other stars like Degeneres are trying to get this issue into the public eyes and ears. She has had alot to say about college student Tyler Clementi.
 (Click on the students name above to read more on his story)

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  1. I love what you wrote Lacy and I totally agree with you. I have a brother who happens to be homosexual and I would hate to see anyone hurt him just because he isn't the same as them.