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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Propaganda project in 10th grade comp/speech class

Mrs. Walder's 10th grade comp/speech class is underway on their propaganda projects. These projects consist of being put in groups of three and assigned to create a propaganda essay on two issues they choose to support or go against. This gives the students a chance to use their creativity and go beyond the criteria. Students started on Monday with the simple steps of naming, choosing colors, and the mascot of their groups. The second day students were to choose two issues that are occurring in the U.S. today that are important to them and that the are able to choose a side for and explain why they chose these issues. Issues mostly are what the students feel strongly about or what they can feel emotion for. Each student in the group will be assigned to write their own essay and present them to the class with supporting details and reasons. They will also be making some kind of print or media advertisement trying to get people on their sides. Students will present these sometime within the next week. Picture to the left is student Ashley Roberts working hard in class to get the bibliography done before the end of class on Wednesday afternoon.

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