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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Novice Oral Interp

The new freshman interpers went to Milbank on Tuesday, October 12 for the novice Oral Interpretation Meet. Four girls went to this meet Hallie Shea (prose and duo), Kelly VandeBrake (prose), Becka Sides (humor), and Emily Maas (duo). Shea and Maas got a superior in duo, Shea received superior for her individual prose, VandeBrake got a excellent plus on her prose, and Sides got a superior for her humor.

Oral Interp coach, Mrs. Jenny Keller, said, “The novice meet gives students, new to interp, the opportunity to compete against others who are also new. It eliminates the possible intimidation of competing against students who are in their third and fourth year of interp and more experienced. The novice meet invites students who have participated in less than ten rounds of competition in high school. A standard contest has three rounds of competition, so this usually means, to qualify as a novice, you are starting your first season of interp.”

Becka Sides, one of the freshman on the team, said, “My favorite thing about Oral Interp is that you get to meet a lot of new friends. I like the older competition, but I liked being able to go against people of the same ability” The novice meet is a great thing and shows new interpers what their ability is. Shea said “I like the meet because you go against people who are all new. I went out for it because I did it in middle school and thought it was fun, so I stuck with it.”

“Work hard, try your best, and have fun because it goes by fast,” is some advice Jerra Olson would give to our newest interpers. She went along to the novice interp meet as a judge. Olson said “Going to the meet is a good since it gives the newer students a time to gain some more experience. I like judging because I get to see all the of the pieces and and help people get better.”

Mrs. Miranda Wells, also an oral interp coach, said, “It is a beneficial meet because it gives new interpers a meet to go to without the major competitiveness. The meet gives the coaches a chance to be hands on by being right there in the round.” The meet allows a competition without a lot of stress.

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