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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Miley's Spay

Off to the vet my puppy, Miley, went on the morning of October 6th, 2010. Miley was getting spayed. This decision did not come easy though. The main reason I decided to go through with the surgery is the fact that if she had puppies I would never be able to give them up. I would always be worried they weren't being loved and cared for.

Miley knew something was up on Wednesday morning. She always knows we're going somewhere when she gets in the car, between going to the vet or going to get a bath. She whined the whole way there and was very apprehensive as to where we were going. She probably wished she was just content in her kennel at home. We got to the vet, who has cats, which she loves because these cats don't run from her. Then the surgery took place.

Miley's surgery went really good, except she puked.. While she was waking up from the anesthesia, I sat with her for probably an hour to keep her comfortable while dealing with the hallucinations that go along with it. I then had to go to school but I went and seen her after school that day and she was very tired and sore I could tell. She stayed the night at the vet tonight, which was really a weird adjustment for me, beings I play with her and put her to bed every night. I guess I did get to bed earlier at least!

Today, October 7, Miley comes home!! I brought her home during 3rd hour. She was definitely sleepy but she was back to herself. For the next couple of days she'll have to lay low to make sure she doesn't tear the stitches so she doesn't get it infected. Looks like she won't be chasing cats any time too soon!

The left picture is me sitting with Miley while she was waking up from anesthesia. The right picture is Miley right before the first incision was made.

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