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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dylexia's special gift....

 I chose this article, because I thought it was interesting. Part of the reason why I thought it was interesting is because I am Dyslexic, so I could relate to it.

   It is a great thing that better ways of learning are starting to be recognized. I know as I grew up I had allot of trouble and I don't want other kids to go through the same thing that I did. On another note I am also glad, that people are not calling it a curse. It's not a curse, its a gift, and I do believe that. I mean it does make me upset when people assume that having Dyslexia makes you a bad reader, I mean it doesn't. If anything it helps you find other, more creative way to do things. It's like everyone thought Einstein was stupid, but he wasn't. Part of the reason why he failed school, is because he was Dyslexic, and back then they had no idea that such a thing was there. Rockefeller, Poe, and John Lennon, are a few of history's greats that were Dyslexic.

This article talks about how this Dyslexic filmmaker comes and talks to a group of students. It also talks about how more and more ways of learning is being put in front of us, these ways of learning, not only help Dyslexics, but also people who don't have Dyslexia. It also talks about how Dyslexia is just a difference, and not a disability.


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  1. Lena, i also like your article because you're embracing what you were born to be. :)
    -People in this world always will try to put others down and tell them they will never succeed or be worth anything because deep down that's what they believe in themselves, but by one person standing up(like you); it can change things.
    I hope you'll always follow your own rhythm! haha